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MADE POP UP // 2014

The MADE POP UP was held from 14 to 17 August 2014 in a "capsule edition "version of the fair of designer collectibles created in 2013. 


The MADE POP UP was particularly created to honour and collaborate with the content shown in the second edition of the important designer week, the Design Weekend - DW!. The Marko Brajovic workshop signed the stage design project of MADE POP UP, which turned the Events Area located on the 3rd floor of the Cidade Jardim Shopping mall, into an exhibition space with language and special identity for the program.


Once again the salon marvelled for its initiative and pleasant conception, revealing talented designers in a platform of which the backbone for exhibition / culture / business / collaborates in promoting the art and design market, which is in full expansion in Brazil and in the world.


The program includes the "The Spirit of Poland" program with the participation of 19 Polish designers and the "Project Brazil" exhibition, carried out by Italian designer studio Analogia Project and designers Giorgio Bonaguro and Marco Guazzini. 


Another exclusive content of the event were the signed dishes presented by the Group In(vasão), which gave visitors the opportunity to acquire limited and unique pieces by talented and already respected young designers, such as Anna Neute, Bruno Simões, Carol Gay, Leo Capote, Marcelo Stefanovicz and Rodrigo Almeida.


The Show Exchanging and Shaping the Space - Design Made in Italy presented an exhibition with some designs by Mario Cucinella, a renowned Italian architect and plastic artist Alê Jordão who presented the UNDERCONSTRUCTION Project in a Collection of photos and records of unfinished locations still under construction, in places such as Amsterdam, Paris, New York and London, allowing free public intervention with stickers and big pens. 

The Basurama Brazil Group was also present at the event, playing with the imaginary sounds of the city streets: the sounds of the open fair. 


The program also included a series of lectures and chats with the exhibiting artists and guests. 

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