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The first edition of MADE was held in August 2013, during the Design Weekend. This edition was considered the greatest calendar event of DW, surprising everyone for its initiative and innovative conception.


We have collected 14 designer galleries, 16 young designers who participated in the Collective area, responsible for bringing freshness and innovation to the event; we also presented national and international exhibitions including an Exhibition on Belgian Design, an Exhibition on the 100 years of Dutch Design; the Art and Sun Exhibition in honour of Janet Costa, and an exhibition by the School of São Paulo, on Urban Furniture. 


During the 5-day event, we received around 7,000 staff members at the São Paulo Jockey Club.  


Each edition of MADE chooses a designer of the year elected for presenting quality work and which is representative of the worldwide scenario. In 2013, it was time for Dutch company Pieke Bergmans, internationally renowned for its work on blown glass which is set in fluid forms: the Light Bulbs.



Elected by MADE, the Dutch designer of the year, Pieke Bergmans is internationally renowned through its work on blown glass, which is set in fluid forms : the Light Bulbs . It achieved great success during MADE and was able to lecture on "talks" regarding its designer projects and concepts. 

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