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MADE exhibits the essence of contemporary design at DW!


Tradeshow dedicated to collectible design and limited edition pieces will take place between August 12th and 16th at the São Paulo Jockey Club


After the successful promotion of Brazilian design in the international design circuit, in Milan, Waldick Jatobá’s W/Design is bringing MADE (Market, Art, Design) to São Paulo for the third consecutive year, at the Design Weekend-DW! Event, from August 12th to 16th.


The event continues to be a place for discussion and promotion of design, gathering at the same place galleries, installations, exhibits, around 30 young designers in the Coletivo space and a daily program of round tables to stimulate exchange of ideas on and about design, with the participation of renowned personalities in the segment. Among the galleries participating of the event are WARM São Paulo, Renome Gallery, A Lot Of, Luiz Pedrazzi, Vera Santiago and the Passado Composto, which has been present at the event since its first edition.


Renowned names of Brazilian design such as Lurca Azulejos + Mauricio Arruda Design, Ines Schertel, Carol Gay, Rodrigo Almeida, Zanini de Zanine; Bottle Top, from England; and Femke van Gemert, from the Netherlands, will be side by side with 30 young designers presenting new pieces created specially for this edition of MADE: Alva, Ana Neute and Rafael Chvaicer, Andrea Bandoni, Andrea Macruz, Arbol Design (Lucas Neves), Armorial, Atelier BAM, Bianca Barbato, Bruno Simões, Demian Quincke, Dennys Tormen, Estevão Toledo, Fetiche, Gabriel Bueno, Get Lost, Gustavo Bittencourt, Gustavo Dias, Guilherme Wentz, Massimo D'Alessio, O Formigueiro, 80e8, Paulo Goldstein, Ricardo Graham, Roberta Rampazzo, Rodrigo Ambrosio, Rodrigo Ohtake, Rodrigo Silveira e Tiago Curioni.


International Design and interactive works


MADE will bring interactive installations to engage visitors. Marcelo Rosembaum, this edition’s Designer of the Year, will sign one of the installations. The German art collective Cumulus, composed of young designers from the Berlin Academy of Arts, brings an installation that recreates a cloud suspended at the height of treetops, a place of calmness where one can sit or lay down and experience the environment in a playful way.


They are some of the international highlights of the event, alongside exhibits on Dutch, Danish, Belgian and Portuguese design. Some of the names are Femke van Gemert, fabric collector and responsible for textile projects that cover environments with monochromatic creations, inserting the world of tapestry in contemporary art.


Silent Auction, new line by the Campana brothers and collecting


The program is also going to focus on other Brazilian names that have had an impact in the country’s design history, such as Lina Bo Bardi, who is the theme of an exhibit of around 15 pieces to be auctioned during the event in a silent auction – in which there is no auctioneer. In the silent auction, bidders place their bids right on the wall, next to the piece they desire.


The Campana brothers show their new line, “Estrela”, created in partnership with the Brazilian company A Lot Of Brazil, founded by award-winning designer Pedro Franco, at the Bradesco Private Bank lounge, named after the event’s Master Sponsor for the second year. Inspired by a sea-star, the furniture collection is produced industrially and includes a chair, armchair, coffee table, side table, bench and lamp. The set design for the lounge is signed by Leo di Caprio.


The MAM Design Collectors Club will also participate in the event, with an exhibit to promote the collectible world and incentivize the Brazilian art production. Under the curatorship of Marcelo Rosenbaum, five pieces from five Brazilian designers were chosen for the 2015 edition: Alfio Lisi, Mauricio Arruda, Neute Chvaicer, Paulo Alves and Rodrigo Ambrosio. The team went on an immersion retreat in Várzea Queimada, in the countryside of Piauí, to exchange experiences and ideas. 


Studio Roni Hirsch signs the scenography of the event, as well as playful installation for children. Artesol, a Public Interest Civil Society Organization partner of MADE, with a focus on aiding in every step of the craftwork production chain, will also participate with an exhibit on handicraft production.


Talks about the contemporary scenario


The talks or “Dialogues on Design” will take place from Wednesday to Friday, will be in English and will have a limited number of participants. The opening talk will be given by Marcelo Rosenbaum, Designer of the Year, on the 12th. He will share with the audience the concept of his work centered on the values of connection, cultural identity, popular culture, memory and inclusion – themes that gave him international acclaim. And the Italian Giovanna Castiglioni will broach the work of her father, Achille Castiglioni, one of the most important designers of his generation, responsible for iconic pieces made with everyday materials.


Indigenous Legacy


Tomas Alvim will talk about the legacy of indigenous culture in Brazilian design and the talk will be supplemented by the exhibit of a rare collection comprised of ten indigenous stools dating from a century ago to current times, with scenography by Grupo (in)vasão. These pieces, being exhibited for the first time in the country, will be presented as functional sculptures which display a beautiful sense of proportion, rhythm and movement of legitimate Brazilian culture.


“The third edition of MADE is going to bring a genuine experience of the design world, fostering a scenario rich in activations, attractions and ideas for all those interested in the topic. The event has helped the segment to mature in Brazil and we are reaping the fruits of this ever increasing interest in design”, says Waldick Jatobá.


This edition has Bradesco Private Bank as a Master Sponsor; Electrolux, Mitsubishi and Tok&Stok as sponsors; institutional support from DW!, SP Negócios, São Paulo Turismo; cultural support from the Netherlands Consulate, MAM and the Belgium General Consulate in São Paulo. Partners: Eugenio Publicidade, BEI, Artesol. Logistics: System Cargo. Media Support: Arte 1, Casa Cláudia and


All the content in the event was curated by MADE creator Waldick Jatobá, with co-curatorship by designer Bruno Simões in the Coletivo space, as well as great names in the segment who are members of the Consulting Council created specially for MADE, comprised of: Maria Helena Estrada, Council President; Alexandra Mollof, Modern, Contemporary and International Art consultant; Claudia M. Salles, designer and architect, founder of Estudio CMS; Marcio Kogan, architect and founder of Studio mk27; and Jorn Konijin, curator, Dutch design consultant and founder of This must be the Place.

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