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In its second edition, MADE has from 4 to 9 November 2014, brought together at the São Paulo Jockey Club, the most recent designer creations, of both internationally established names, as well as young Brazilian designers of today, in a market that shows signs of growth in search of acquiring quality of design, limited editions or of unique and own creations.


There were 15 designer galleries in Brazil (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte) and from abroad (Berlin and London), 28 young and new talents in the collective space (a 40% raise when compared to 2013) and with facilities and exhibitions especially created for the event, by great talents in the field of national and international architecture and design.


Of the facilities, stands out the Building by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto, which used more than 1,200 lamps to form a huge flying carpet, as well as the building by the American Jason Klimoski of Studio KCA made from around ten thousand plastic water bottles in reference to the amount of water consumed by São Paulo inhabitants in a 5-minute timeframe.


The event also saw The Neon Traffic Dealer Building by designer Alê Jordão, the exhibition “Beyond Modernism” on Belgian Design, the exhibition “Pé+Dá+Lá+Aqui” ["Pedal Here"] from The Netherlands, which highlights the country's bicycle mobility, the exhibition “Indigenous Crafts” by Artesol, a facility purpose build for kids by the Roni Hirsch Studio and a leisure area created by Basurama Brazil. 


The set was inspired on the work of Italian architect Lina Bo Bardi, who would have turned 100 years of age in December, and who was responsible for important projects and works in Brazil, some of which include MASP, Sesc Pompeii, Theatre Workshop and the Glass House, now headquarters to the Pietro Maria Bardi Institute. At the entrance to the event, the striking building "Cobra Sucuri" [Anaconda Snake] by Márcia Benevento, with over 20 metres, welcomed visitors. 


In 2014, Michael Young, who currently resides in Hong Kong, was chosen for his important path through the world of design, for his special narratives and unique creations.




Lina Bo Bardi: A Look....

Lina Bo Bardi wins her very own unforeseen exposure of life work history and her look upon popular art and Brazilian handcrafts, which will be presented in the Bradesco Lounge Private Bank. In addition to his role as co-curator for the exhibition, architect Marcos Marcelino is also responsible for the whole environmental aspect of the exhibition space bringing references and inspiration from the inner self of Lino Bo Bardi.

Beyond Modernism:

The contemporary design of Belgium and its presence at MADE, this time with a collective exhibition organised by Beauty Design & Art (curated by Elien Haentjens and under the coordination of Davide M. Parrilli), bringing for the first time to Brazil pieces from the designer studios of Peter Donders, Kinetura (Barbara Van Biervliet & Xaveer Claerhout) and Noumenon (Carl De Smet).

Indigenous Crafts | Pure Brazilian Design:

Artesol chose indigenous crafts for its 2014 edition of MADE. Participating for the second time in the event, the entity will be exhibiting pieces of different ethnic groups and locations, assisted by the institution. 

Pé+Dá+Lá&Aqui [Pedal Here]:

Curated by Jorn Konijn, the Dutch exhibition shall focus on the aspect of urban mobility, taking the city of Amsterdam as example, whose bicycle traffic is the most important form of locomotion.

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